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Pilates Training Programs

Do you want to work as a Crowne Pilates instructor? Get qualified with professional Crowne Pilates Certification Programs

Pilates training courses We have certified Pilates instructors since 2003.

Crowne Pilates Training Programs

At Crowne Pilates, you can customize your own teacher-training course to suit your needs, budget, and schedule!

For example, you may be a Pilates instructor who wants to have a deeper understanding of Pilates, but who doesn’t want to take the full mat courses just yet.

The Fast-Track option covers the essentials of functional movement training for both mat and machine. This will set you on your way quickly to becoming a very knowledgeable instructor whose classes are interesting, effective, and fun! Intermediate and advanced courses may be taken any time in the future.

Or perhaps you are on a tight budget and just want to learn the beginner mat exercises for the moment, and perhaps do more advanced study in the future.

No problem! All courses are available in separate modules, so you can take them as you are financially able. You will soon be licensed to teach Crowne Pilates mat exercises and start earning a living!

Continue studying any time in the future. There is no time limit!

Or, like most of our graduates, you intend to study the full course load, from beginner mat all the way to manual therapy. Package rates are available to keep your overall tuition fees down!

Contact us to design your own personalized Crowne Pilates Instructor Training Program today!

Our training programs are designed to make it as easy as possible to begin earning a living as a Crowne Pilates instructor as soon as the course is finished. In addition, support courses are on-going for a nominal daily fee (the retake system): You may attend the course again as many times as you like!

Self-care workshops (A.S.R.T) are for instructors, health care professionals, and regular clients. The goal of these workshops is to teach manual therapy techniques to release accumulated tension in the body. These techniques are both for self and client care. people. All techniques are safe when properly executed.

Our goal is and has always been to set the standard for excellence in the Pilates field. Come join the growing number of satisfied Crowne Pilates Instructors who are not only earning a living teaching Pilates, but are having a great time doing it!

Crowne Pilates training & certification programs are taught in Japanese. Naturally, English is also available upon request. International courses will be taught either in English or Japanese and may require a professional translator.

Pilates Training Courses

Crowne Pilates has a wealth of training courses to choose from. For more details, click a course for which you require Pilates certification:

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