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Testimonials by Crowne Pilates clients - Weight loss, fitness and pain relief for back, hip, knee, neck & shoulder pain

Birmingham Royal Ballet - Principal Dancer - Pain Relief It often happens that we have to give up on our careers because of injuries. Andrew has an unmitigated knowledge of movement and an incredibly deep understanding of the effects of dance training on the human body. Training with Andrew over the past 10 years, I am grateful that he has greatly helped me to not only avoid potential injury, but also to move freely and so dance to the best of my ability.”

Nao Sakuma
Principal Dancer
Birmingham Royal Ballet

January 2014

Manual Therapy frozen shoulder healed immediately!
I tried doctors, massage, and a variety of other treatments for my frozen shoulder – nothing helped. After only one session of Andrew's manual therapy, it healed immediately. It's like magic!

Recommendation By: N.Y., Female, 53, Office Worker, Tokyo back pain diminished!
At first I was skeptical, but the back pain that had bothered me for thirty years diminished with each session and finally disappeared.

Recommendation By: T.O., Female, 46, Makeup Artist, Tokyo

...walking has become a natural activity!
I feel great! My back muscles extend fully and walking, which was hard for me, has become a natural activity. I also experience less pain. Thank you very much.

Recommendation By: S.S., Female, 28, Instructor, Fukuoka

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...feel as though my body were floating in space.
At first, when I started taking Andrew’s manual therapy, I was astonished - feeling as though my body were floating in space. I'm light on my feet and able to move in ways I've never done before. I’m one completely satisfied customer!

Recommendation By: M., Male, 30s, Part-time Worker, Aichi Prefecture

... my posture has become naturally straight...
The day I took a Pilates lesson and received manual therapy for a pulled leg muscle, I also sensed improvement in my atopic eczema. So I tried another manual therapy session. As a result, my posture has become naturally straight and much better. My skin is great too! What a pleasant surprise!

Recommendation By: R.H., Female, 40s, Office Worker, Tokyo

...relaxed the tension in my shoulders and back.
I take Andrew’s manual therapy once a month. After each session, I always feel as though my body is completely centered. I spend a lot of time working at a computer, and Andrew's therapy has helped relax the tension in my shoulders and back.

Recommendation By: M.H., Female, 40, Self-Employed, Fukuoka City buttocks are raised and firm!
After every manual therapy session I feel wonderful. My body feels light and soft, my neck extends fully, and my buttocks are raised and firm! I can’t wait for the next session!

Recommendation By: A.F., Female, 41, Homemaker, Aichi Prefecture

Crowne Pilates Teacher Training

...wanting to help others, I took the Crowne Pilates Instructor training course
I was diagnosed with scoliosis in my early teens. I was treated by an orthopedist for a while, then had surgery recommended. I refused, and after that tried all sorts of physical therapies and folk remedies. I learned about Crowne Pilates at the age of forty. After just one lesson I noticed a reduction of pain in my back and of numbness in my legs. This was the first time I ever felt that my body was relaxed.

Although I was aware of the strains on my body, I didn't know what to do about them. However, as I learned about correct body movements, the tension in my body released, and I felt I was gradually developing the correct posture. Andrew's style of Pilates involves simple movements, but it is effective without stressing the body. While doing Pilates I also undergo manual therapy. This has relieved the intense stiffness I was never able to manage, leaving me able to move freely. After therapy, I feel incredibly light and can sense a balanced, centered body. My body and spirit are one, and I feel calm in a mysterious way. Wanting to help others feel this kind of transformation in their bodies I took the Crowne Pilates Instructor training course and now work as a Pilates trainer.

Thanks to explanations about how the body works, as well as easy to understand and enjoyable teaching methods, even someone like me with no experience in Pilates can learn without difficulty. I am so glad I discovered Crowne Pilates and Manual Therapy. They have released me from nearly thirty years of suffering bad health.

Recommendation By: K.I., Female, 45

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...10 years of leg pain eased, so I became an instructor to share this joy!
Once I discovered Crowne Pilates the leg pain that had bothered me for ten years eased. I used to have trouble even walking, but now I can run down stairs. Wanting to share this joy with others, I took the Pilates training course and became an instructor.

Recommendation By: T.S., Female, 42, Pilates Instructor, Tokyo

...the best thing is helping students sense changes in their own bodies...
The best thing about having chosen the Crowne Pilates training course is the amount of care taken in helping students sense changes in their own bodies before they are taught the movements. I am confident about my Pilates teaching precisely because I've become aware of my own body.

Recommendation By: H.T., Female, 32, Pilates Instructor, Tokyo

...Instructor course atmosphere is fun and relaxed.
The elements of Andrew's Pilates Instructor training course are finely compacted, but he never insists on sticking to rules. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed.

Recommendation By: T.T., Male, 50, Tokyo

Crowne Pilates Classes

...entire body flexible, muscles much stronger.
I can feel how my entire body has become flexible. Moreover, my inner muscles are much stronger.

Recommendation By: A., Female, 30s, Office Worker, Aichi Prefecture

...enjoy many more activities in daily life.
Andrew’s well-coordinated Pilates mat lessons look simple at first, but when practiced the individual elements all come together. I began taking ballet lessons in adulthood, and Andrew's lessons have been very helpful. They are also useful in daily life, enabling me to enjoy many more activities.

Recommendation By: T., Male, 50, Tokyo

...tension disappeared, my heart felt light and warm.
I was surprised by my first private Pilates lesson with Andrew - it was completely different from other Pilates lessons I had ever taken. When it was over, my body felt relaxed, like jelly! All the tension and stiffness had disappeared. Plus, my heart felt light and warm, leaving me feeling refreshed on my way home. Meeting Andy has deepened my Pilates experience. I look forward to enjoying it even more.

Recommendation By: K.T., Female, 33, Beautician, Shiga Prefecture

...I'm relaxed in body and spirit.
I've learned many things from Andrew. It's said that the body and the spirit are one. That looks simple on paper, and when I began Crowne Pilates I thought I knew what it meant. But as I continued taking lessons, I realized that my body and emotions both were changing. And then, I truly felt how the body and spirit are connected. I'm still learning, and my body condition is always changing, but compared to when I started I'm relaxed in body and spirit. I breathe comfortably, I feel in control of my movements all the way to the tips of my body, and pass each day with a flexible state of mind. There are times when I'm a little out of sorts, but I find ways to feel better. That's because I've learned how to value and take care of myself. Also, I feel that being healthy allows me to have a positive influence on those around me. I'm the mother of a small child and busy with child raising, so I've had to cut back on lessons, but Crowne Pilates headed me in the right direction to take care of myself and enjoy life every day.

Recommendation By: K.N., Female, 37, Office Worker, Fukuoka Prefecture

...I urge everyone to give it a try!
Andrew’s Pilates lessons are fun! He teaches things we can practice easily every day, and his Pilates training course is easy to understand. Manual therapy makes me feel good, and the synergy with Pilates steadily reduces pain. When the body changes, so does the heart. It's a joy to feel those changes every day as I go about my life. I urge everyone and anyone to give it a try.

Recommendation By: M.K., Female, 51, Pilates Instructor & Office Worker, Kumamoto Prefecture

...thankful for the joy of living without pain!
Thank you for the Pilates workshop the other day. I believe I'm able now to take care of myself and overcome the bad habits I'd developed in daily life. I've noticed a definite change in sensation since the workshop, and am experiencing the joy of living without pain. I'm thankful to be healthy, and look forward to participating again.

Recommendation By: M., Female, 41, Tokyo

...even at my age it's possible to change one's life!
I heard about Andrew’s manual therapy from an acquaintance and was intrigued. I do Pilates, but was thinking that I don't really have the body for it.

The day after the therapy my body was light and I felt good in a way I'd never experienced before. I wanted to keep that feeling, and began looking forward to my next Pilates session with excitement. I decided that practicing Crowne Pilates would be the best way to maintain the correct alignment of bones in my body, which I had achieved through manual therapy. I now see the truth in the saying "If your bones are properly aligned, then your muscles will move the right way." I have the sense that even at my age it's possible to change one's life.

Recommendation By: E.T., 50s, Female, Pilates Instructor, Shiga Prefecture

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