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A message from Andrew

When I first began Pilates in 1987, I was struck by the realization that I had been a prisoner inside of my own body, and I didn’t even know it.

I was 23 years old and training to become a professional ballet dancer. There are very few sports that I hadn’t played, and injury was par for the course. Ballet training was particularly demanding and I had to take aspirin just to get through my classes!

My mentor at the time, Beverley Aitchison, told me that Pilates had just arrived in Toronto and that it would help me with my dancing. I soon booked a private Pilates lesson with Moira Stott. I was hooked from the first lesson.

Pilates is a full body exercise programme that has a meditative aspect to it. This was completely different from any other exercise I had done before, and I loved the feeling of my deep inner muscles.

Unfortunately, my body was already stiff and tight and out of alignment from past training and injuries, as well as poor movement habits & posture. Although I felt much better from doing the Pilates exercises, my lower back pain persisted for many years to come.

I began teaching for Moira Stott that same year and I soon noticed that regular people (i.e. non-dancers) were having lower back and neck pain issues during the Pilates lessons. I soon began to think up preparation exercises to make it easier for these clients to approach the more difficult Pilates exercise.

This was the beginning of what is now The Crowne Pilates System

I also soon began trying different healing methods to try and alleviate my back pain. The most success came from Rolfing and Cranio Sacral Therapy. This sparked my interest and extensive study of the healing arts, which formed the foundation of what is The Crowne Pilates Technique, more commonly known as Manual Therapy.

Now in my 28th year professionally, I refer to myself as a Movement and Manual Therapist.

The system I have created combines:

  • Manual therapy techniques to release tightness in the body
  • Movement therapy techniques to release tightness, activate the core (inner) muscles, and correct poor movement habits & posture
Our goal at Crowne Pilates is to teach you how to move efficiently and care for your body so that you, too, enjoy a healthy, strong and flexible body that is free from pain.

We presently teach around Japan, and are happy to come to your studio to train you, your staff, and your clients.

International requests are also welcome!

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My very sincerest wishes for your best health!

Andrew Crowne
Founder & Director
Crowne Pilates
Functionalbody International Ltd

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Pilates exercise - Crowne Pilates