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Pilates Pregnancy

Get certified with professional Pilates certification programs & courses to qualify as a Pilates teacher for pregnant women

Pilates courses build on matwork in the Crowne Pilates teacher training & certification program.

These training courses are carefully designed and developed to be especially safe for pregnant women, accommodate a wide range of levels from beginner through advanced, and provide teachers with certification to work as a qualified instructor.

Crowne Pilates Maternity I Course

Duration: 2 Days (Total 12 hours)
Prerequisite: Crowne Pilates Advanced Mat
Details: Beginner and Intermediate movement therapy taught as Pilates for pregnant women. Discussion of the various stages and changing needs during the various stages of pregnancy - Pilates prenatal, during pregnancy & postnatal (postpartum) - as well as client care for the following years as the child grows.

Crowne Pilates Maternity II Course

Duration: 1 Day (Total 6 hours)
Prerequisite: Crowne Pilates Maternity I
Details: An advanced discussion of the previous course with movement therapies reviewed, and manual therapy and occupational therapy introduced.

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